Asuna Discord Bot.

Asuna is a bot ready to skill up your Discord server
Also features auto-moderation, administration, music and much more!

Invite Her! Join this server!

My Features
We provide you the most fun bot, Asuna!
Great music

Asuna Has Great audio playback. So feel free to jam hard, But not too hard. :P

Good secruity

She Protecc, she defends, and, She bans bullies.


She Has an awesome Moderation system aswell, You can Ban/kick, hackban and more!

Need Lewds? uwu

Asuna Has your back, you lewdie. Wether its Neko Cuties, or just people, she has the stuff for you. hehe

Utility Belt?

Asuna is equipped with the most fabulous but handy Utility belt. ;)


If you need any assistance, our support server has you covered! We may even share some cookies with you.


over 1360 servers!


151,000+ Users! (Alots of peoples, uwu)


@Neko Jade#0001

Invite me, pwease?
Invite Asuna and start jamming in your servers today! hehe.

Les Go!